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The Key to Best-in-Class Pitching Results

When you swat a fly, you roll up a newspaper and “wham” the fly is history. This is your right brain reacting to the circumstance.

Once you had the newspaper in hand, your left-brain self-talk didn’t include your arm angle, your weight shift, how far y...

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Guarantee Lower Body Engagement

Lower Body Engagement is Instinctive
Your right-side brain.
Your right-side brain uses your left-brain driven front leg lift to determine how you end your stride.
Your right-brain reacts and is the more athletic side of your brain.

Your left-side brain.
Your lef...

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Your Inner Ear Determines Your Pitching Results

Your inner ear doesn’t care about your results. It only cares about your balance.

Your inner ear constantly monitors your balance, continually sends your brain balance updates, and, to make sure you stay in balance, lets your mind commandeer your...

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A One Size Pitching Motion DOES Fit All

The facts show ...

1. Any single movement creates a ripple effect throughout your entire body.
2. The ONLY outside influence on your chain reactions is gravity.
3. By eliminating gravity from your motion and carefully managing your movements, your action...

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Stop “Feeling” for Your Target
Fact: Your throwing action is a result of your body self-correcting your weight transfers.

Most Pitchers search for a “feel”
A Pitcher’s “feel” is the sensation they experience between their weight transfer out of their front leg lift and their throwing action.


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Are You a Behavior or Results Driven Pitcher?
“Behavior Driven Pitchers” Excel
“Behavior Driven Pitchers’” hand separations initiate their stride, their stride prompts their throwing action and their throwing action gets each pitch to travel directly into their intended target.
“Behavior Driven ...

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Is Your Pitching Career in a Death Spiral?

Death Spirals
When army ants get separated from their main foraging group, they start following one another, the entire group begins walking in a circle, and, when they are completely exhausted, they die.

If you’re a Pitcher who starts their stride the...

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Add To Your Pitching Knowledge

It’s a known fact that your body is either in balance or moving to get itself back in balance.

When you push off the rubber, you drive down the mound, use your throwing arm for balance, and lose control of your throwing arm into your release.

There’s anot...

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Is your Coach holding you back?

A Pitcher quickly finds out when he asks his Coach this question ... “What can I do to get my lower body more involved in my motion?”

1. “I’M NOT SURE, BUT . . . “
For starters, it’s okay not to be sure how to teach lower body engagement. But saying “I’m not sure...

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4 weeks ago
Skip is phenomenal to work with. I highly recommend him. He has my son throwing harder and more importantly more accurately. If your child is serious about pitching, I would send him to no one else but Skip.
- Gorman K
2 months ago
Skip, I’m proud to say I was named All-League 1st team in the Beach Collegiate Baseball League in Myrtle, SC, made 7 starts and I threw 4 complete games, had a couple of shutouts and am sitting around 86MPH with a fastball, slider and changeup. Thanks for all you’ve done and are doing and helping me understand your teachings and insight to have pin point control. Excited for my third year at Wilmington University -Danny
- Daniel S
2 months ago
I thought Skip was able to establish a connection with the kids right away. He was able to teach his methods in a way that the kids could understand, and apply quickly. I think Skip shows the energy and passion for coaching up kids at all skill levels. He is patient and comes across as very knowledgeable. Our team greatly benefitted from our session with him.
- Bryan H

This 1-Minute Read Changes Pitching!

How Do You Swat a Fly?
The Right Way?
You’re sitting in a room and a fly buzzes by. 
  • You roll up a newspaper, reach out and, without thinking about anything, “wham” the fly is history. 
This is your right-side brain at work!
  • Your right-brain is the natural, spontaneous, and more athletic side of your brain. 
  • A right brained pitching motion gets your mind, muscles and nervous system working as one. 
Right-brain pitching motions are natural, automatic, and unbelievably effective!

The Left Way?
You’re sitting in a room and a fly buzzes by.
  • You roll up a newspaper, and, before you swat the fly, you think about your arm path, unwinding your lower body, shifting your weight, etc.
  • After missing the fly several times, you decide to just swat the darn fly and ‘wham”, the fly is history. 
This is your left-side brain at work. 
  • Your left-side brain is analytical, logical and, in the end, not nearly as athletic as your right-side brain.
  • A left-side brain delivery forces you to make split-second, neurologically impossible arm slot adjustments that you hope are good enough to send your pitches directly into your target.
Left-brain Pitchers are challenged to produce right-brain results.

Pitchers who ignore their right-side brain get cheated.
It takes no effort to ignore your right-brain.

Without a right-side plan, you let your “left-brain” take you into your front leg lift, your “right-brain” take you into the end of your stride and you finish with your “left-brain” trying to find your target. 

Pitchers with a “left-right-left” brain sequence can’t say with any certainty where any one pitch will end up.

Cater to your right-side brain and excel.T
he best way to use your brain is to have a well-planned, “left-brain” driven routine into your front leg lift and then rely on your “right-brain” to send your pitches directly into your intended target.
A simple “left-right” brain sequence guarantees best-in-class results.

Our “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” Gives You an Unfair Advantage.

Being Best-in-Class is Simple and, More Importantly, Teachable.
When you ask us to help you plan a more effective front leg lift, we give your right-side brain permission to automatically deliver your pitches directly into your target. 

Best-in-Class Pitching Results ARE Within Your Reach.
We effectively turn your already good motion into a best-in-class delivery!

Our “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” …
  • Trains your left-side brain to seamlessly and spontaneously send your pitches into your target.
  • With our strategies, your command becomes automatic, repeatable, and very purposeful.
So much so that ...
  • Within your first few “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” pitches, without even thinking about it, you see consecutive pitches travel directly into your target. 
  • Better yet, by following our “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©”, instead of playing left-brain prompted, mental chess games after every pitch, pitching becomes a stress free and fun activity!

No matter your age or how long you’ve been pitching, our “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” retrain your mind and nervous system to deliver your pitches directly into your target on every pitch all the time.

Tap into our “Winning Pitch Location Strategies©” today!

Coach Skip Fast 
Por Pitching Institute
“Winning Pitching Location Strategies©” Author/Pitching Coach
Copyright © 2020 

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