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When you dominate untrained hitters, you quickly climb the baseball hierarchy.
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Mindful Command!

The way your body works …
• Your mind is hardwired to keep your centered between your feet.
• The instant your mind senses any weight shift, your mind tells your body how it must move to get your weight back to center.
• Actions only occurs after your mind believes your weight ...

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Repeatable Physical Laws Govern Command!

Swinging Weight Scenario

What happens when you swing a weight on a string?
Put a weight on the end of string, hold the string in your hands and move your hand in a circle.

The weight makes a circular movement around your hand that’s determined by y...

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Do you know where your next pitch will end up?

Let’s test your front leg lift.
Hold your position at the top of your front leg lift, separate your hands and slowly bring your glove side elbow behind your body.

Sustainable Command - When you can’t h...

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In nature, actions and reactions come in Pairings. Pitching is simply finding a way to manage your action-reaction pairings to bring your throwing hand through the same productive release window on every pitch.

Action-Reaction pairings are easy to mi...

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Your Inner Ear
Your inner ear monitors your body’s horizontal and vertical alignment.

Anytime your inner ear perceives a forward movement or senses a gravitational imbalance that jeopardizes your safety, your inner ear automatically and instantaneo...

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Does your Coach manage the way your think to move or does he manage your movements?
Inside/Out Coaching solves issues.
When examined closely, Inside/Out Coaching teaches a mental process.
Inside/Out Coaches …
• Use the way your body processes gravity ...

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Baseball’s Artificial Reality

The baseball community misleads and deceives you into thinking velocity will get you where you want.

Therefore, the baseball community’s artificial consensus turns velocity into a manufactured reality.

Don’t get us wrong, velocity W...

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Is your pitching built on assumptions?

When little is known, much is assumed. As soon as you fall into the trap where assumptions are treated as fact, you never really know where any one pitch will end up.

When assumptive learning is all ...

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Centering your weight supercharges results

When you make your usual throwing action from a front leg lift ending with your weight centered between your knees, you…
1. Enhance your throwing arm speed,
2. Create later ball movement,
3. Send more pitches direc...

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a year ago
My son is 9 years old and has been coming to Skip Fast for 7 weeks. I this time my son went from a kid who arm threw everything, occasionally getting strikeouts from time to time. Since coming to Skip, my son is routinely pitching with confidence and big time results. If you're looking to give your athlete an edge...try The Pro Pitching Institute with Skip Fast. SCB
- Shawn B
a year ago
We’ve had the privilege to spend time with Skip Fast over the course of 3 months. So far I’ve watched my eight year old boy’s pitching skills develop far beyond the initial expectations I originally hoped for. All I wanted was for him to throw over as opposed to side arm. Skip worked on his form and delivery and his release just worked itself out naturally. I am not exaggerating when I say this, in his last game he pitched two innings and got all six outs; struck out 5 and 1 lined out to short stop. These results have been in three short months. His confidence has increased as well as his love for the game. Thank you Skip. Looking forward to see what you show my boy next.
- Omar L
a year ago
Highest endorsement. For years a struggled with a linear motion that is generally taught. Skip gave me a simple motion that dramatically improved accuracy, confidence, and velocity. Forget what you think you know. Skip is a MUST.
- Jeff Q

seamlessly Climb the baseball food chain

Every Pitcher you can count on to eat up MLB hitters knows “how to” get their lower body to repeatedly whip their throwing arm through a very productive and extremely small release window. 

Whether you’re a Little League Pitcher, Professional Pitcher or any level in-between, the difference between you and these elite Pitchers is very simple … they know “how to” excel and you spend your time “trying” to excel. 

Only we offer “Do It Yourself Pitching Benchmarks” that’ll take you through what you must do to supercharge your journey up the baseball food chain.
The Institute’s fool-proof “Do It Yourself Pitching  Benchmarks” contain 2 parts. 

Part 1 – You prepare your body for your throw.  
Part 2 – You use your current throwing action to deliver the ball into your target. 

By using these “Do It Yourself Pitching Benchmarks” to systematically eliminate your flaws, you can expect your fastball arm speed to deliver the ball where you want with the late movement you expect.  

Let’s set a baseline. 
Before you make any changes to your motion, throw 10 fastballs into your receiver’s target and count how many pitches travel directly into your Catcher’s target without your Catcher’s glove moving. 

Now, see how easy it is to experience pitching success. 

On your next delivery, before your front foot comes off the ground, make sure your legwork includes these items … 
  1. Your back foot is level. 
  1. Your feet are one baseball width apart. 
  1. Your back knee is over your back foot’s little toes and  
  1. Your weight is on your heels. 

Now, throw 10 fastballs into your receiver’s target, count how many pitches travel directly into your Catcher’s target without his glove moving and don’t just compare this total to your baseline but realize how much less effort you used to produce these results. 

As long as these simple adjustments helped you use less effort to generate the same or better outcomes, use our "Do It Yourself Pitching Benchmarks" to refine your starting position even further. 

How You'll Use This Guide. 
To make your pitching process natural and automatic, bookmark this page on your cell phone and use the information in two ways.  

First, use the prompts to practice your pitching process in slow motion.  

Then, during your bullpens, when you miss your target by an unacceptable distance, follow these simple steps to eliminate the reason you missed your target and, in the end, get more pitches to end up closer to your target than ever. 

See our "Do It Yourself Pitching Benchmarks" at The Pro Pitching Institute

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